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Skyway - The Game

Dec 8, 2007

Skyway was never completely finished. Two different levels were constructed - The World and The Moon, several reaction sub-games included to spice up the gameplay and most of the sound effects added.

The sprite engine was still being worked on, and I would have liked to replace it as I had some performance and animation issues. The main character was supposed to have an optional shoulder mounted gun - but that never appeared in the game, except for the gun icon in the status area, and the collectable gun 'bonus' during play. Also, some graphic 'doors' which block access to rooms until a task is complete are corrupted.

I've put together a number of scans, screenshots and the original demo as sent to Hewson Consultants in 1987.

Scan of the world map
Scan of the moon map

Click on the maps above to see full size versions.

Click here to download the original instructions for Skyway.

A TZX file of Skyway, suitable for loading into an emulator, can be downloaded from this website: skyway.tzx 48K Spectrum

It is also from the World Of Spectrum game archive, including maps and instructions.

See The Skyway Master Maker to read about and download the original Skyway cassette master maker (17/02/2013).