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Z80 Software

Feb 28, 2007

This section will deal with ZX Spectrum related Z80 code etc.

I though it would be interesting to go back to some of the work I was doing in the mid-late 80's and see if, after an additional 20 years experience, I'd do things differently, better even...

I've spent some time restoring my old casettes and +D disks to a format that can be used with the FUSE ZX Spectrum emulator, and have discovered lots of code and graphics from the mid 1980's when I was doing some work for Mikro-Gen Software (see the next section for details).

As I pull more bits and pieces from disk, I'll release them here if they're interesting. Somewhere I might have some more stuff from Mikro-Gen... a small might though - the last place to look is on my microdrive cartridges.

No doubt this section will develop as time goes on.